Reproduction 1975 Cosworth Vega Wheel Lug Nuts

$79.95 for a full set plus $12.00 flat rate shipping

Here is a new reproduction, chrome wheel lug nut set ( 16 pieces -- a complete set ) exclusive to the 1975 Cosworth Vega with factory aluminum wheels . GM part number was 329383 . This repro lug nut is sold as a ôservice replacement part "as they are not "exact to the  detail" reproductions of the original. The originals have four dots embossed on the flange, ours do not. The originals have a completely smooth flange, ours has a diameter cutting mark on the flanges. Neither detail is noticeable from normal viewing distance.

Wheel Medic restored wheels with two NOS lugs and two reproduction lugs. Can you tell the difference?

These new manufacture lugs WILL give your Cosworth wheel that fresh new look. The original lug nuts have been discontinued from GM for many years; they also fit some older 70's corvettes with the very rare -yj8- aluminum wheel option .

Our repro lug nut is steel chrome with a black metal center insert. If you are restoring your '75 Cosworth Vega and are budget conscious this is the lug nut to buy. NOS OEM factory GM lugs (if you can still find them) have been selling for up to $25.00 per lug and the cost to re-chrome your existing rusty nuts is very expensive and time consuming.

Reproduction lug (left) matched against a NOS lug.
The lugs are the same size, only photo differences make the images not the same.

Simply stated, if you have 1975 Cosworth Vega and want to be able to enjoy your wheels without worrying about the toll on your EXPENSIVE NOS lugs (and once you install them, the NOS ones will start to deteriorate) YOU MUST BUY THESE REPLACEMENT LUGS.

Save the NOS lugs for the Concours at the Roundup, drive on these lugs to get to the Roundup.



Price is for a set of 16 lug nuts and $12.00 shipping.