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John J. Cowall Reports on a visit 
to that dear lady of the CVOA, Harriet Marr:
(November 17, 2002)

I went to visit Lou & Harriett last week-end to deliver her embroidered jacket from (the CVOA). Lou is fine and Harriett is doing MUCH better. She doesn't sleep upstairs yet because there is no bathroom up there, but can climb enough stairs that she drives almost every day. She went to Kroger's with Lou last week and they both shopped in the drive-around carts. (Lou HATES to go shopping. Since Harriett's been sick is the first shopping he's done it since they were married..) Her stamina is coming back, and of course Lou is slowing down. Her legs and ankles are still all puffy, but her hands & arms are pretty much cleared up from all the itching. Since they don't like to fly, prospects for next-year's round-up aren't good, but I'm hopeful...Pass the word that Mom's OK!


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