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A primary objective of the Cosworth Vega Owner's Association (CVOA) is to preserve the existence and 
heritage of the Cosworth Vega automobile. The purpose of the Concours is three fold:

  1. Provide feedback to owners on the condition of their cars

  2. Increase the Club's collective knowledge and understanding of the Cosworth Vega

  3. Recognize outstanding member achievement for preservation, maintenance, and restoration.

A concours is normally held annually at the national meeting known as "The Roundup". Regions are also 

encouraged to hold concours events using these guidelines and scoring system. Entrants and judges should under-
stand that scoring is as objective as possible and use the information as a direction for improvement.
Remember, scoring is a critical evaluation of the car, not the owner.


Entrants must be CVOA members in good standing and pay any fees associated with the event. Entered vehicle(s) must be registered or legally owned by the entrant or a member of his immediate family (spouse or minor child). Entrants must fill out and sign the entry form and prepare their vehicles for the concours. Vehicles that are obviously dirty, incomplete, or cobbled-up will be disqualified. Entrants must remain near their vehicles during judging, provide the judges free access, open doors and access panels, remove components, and demonstrate vehicle functions as directed by the judges. 

The judge's requests must meet the guidelines in Article III.

The plastic envelope with the owner's manual and other delivery documents should be laid out in the luggage
area so as to make each item visible. All entrants must be ready for judging at the judging start time. Only mi-
nor cleaning such as dusting is allowed after the start of judging. Entrants should not speak with the judges during judging except to answer questions. Lack of courtesy and respect or belligerence and hostility are grounds for disqualification at the discretion of the judges.




Judges must be CVOA members in good standing, well versed in automotive technology, and generally recognized as Cosworth Vega experts. Judges shall be appointed by the Event Chairman with the advise and consent of the Executive Committee and Regional Directors. A judging team shall consist of at least two individuals. One individual shall act as Chief Judge and co-ordinate the effort of the team(s). All judges should inspect the entire vehicle and score by consensus. It is expected that judges will spend approximately ten minutes to judge and score each vehicle. In the event the number of vehicles will likely cause the total judging time to exceed four hours, two or more judging teams may be appointed. Multiple judging teams shall be segregated according to class in order that all vehicles in a class are judged by the same team.

Judges are not allowed to touch the cars ( without consent of owner ), but are allowed to use flashlights, mirrors,
and magnifying glasses. The judges shall request the entrant to open the doors, hood panel, rear hatch, and spare tire compartment cover. The judges may also request the entrant to fold the front seats forward and lay the rear seatback flat, open the brake master cylinder reservoir, or remove the oil dipstick and spare tire. No other items may be removed and the interior of the glovebox will not be inspected. The judges may request the entrant to start the engine and should request operation of any vehicle components, subsystems, or accessories. 
Judges shall deduct or add points as required on the most current CVOA Concours Judging and Scoresheet, but will not tabulate the scores.

The chief judge shall insure that documentation such as assembly manuals and shop manuals are available to verify authenticity, and the entrant should present any relevant documentation in his possession. The judges shall treat the entrant with courtesy and respect, and the decision of the judges is final.

The judges may revisit any vehicle and adjust the Scoresheet at any time prior to the completion of judging. Members have the option of having their cars "unofficially judged". Results for unofficially judged cars will not be published.




All vehicles (except Custom/Unlimited class) shall be judged to a configuration and appearance standard existing at the time and point of final assembly by the manufacturer. Presentation for judging shall be in a condition typically associated with delivery of a new car of the period that has received the then current manufacturer's recommended dealer new car preparation, exclusive of any dealer or owner inspired additions, deletions, or modifications, with the exception of accessories marketed at the time by Chevrolet Motor Division for the HV77 body style.

The judges shall inspect and verify the Tonawanda engine number, EFI set number, abbreviated VIN on the engine, and the part number and date code on the starter/solenoid and distributor. Obscured numbers will be subject to major points deduction. Transmission and alternator numbers are not easily viewed and owners should record for judges to view.

Undercarriage judging shall be limited to what judges can see with the vehicle at normal ride height. Damage, missing parts, significant corrosion, evidence of leaks, accumulation of dirt, mud, or petroleum products will be subject to deduction. Surface corrosion on parts that were not coated at the factory and minor nicks will not be subject to deduction.

Surface dust that accumulates on the exterior and interior on the day of the event will not be subject to deduction.




Class #1- Stock CV (restored and unrestored)

Class #2- Modified CV (restored and unrestored)

Class #3- Custom CV

Class #4- H-Body Stock (restored and unrestored)

Class #5- H-Body modified

Class definitions/examples. This is not all inclusive, the Chief Judge has the ultimate
authority/responsibility to assign the cars to the appropriate Class.

Stock CV (restored and unrestored)- Self explanatory.

Modified CV (restored and unrestored)- These cars must retain EFI setup. Examples of modifications
are paint, stripes, wheels, interior modifications and so on.

Custom CV- Any H-Body that is Cosworth powered (block and head), Cosworth powered with fuel
system other than GM EFI.

H-Body Stock (restored and unrestored)- All other H-Body models in stock configuration

H-Body Modified- any other H-Body that does not fit into another Class. All CV VIN cars with V8s
go here




The Chief Judge will assign your car to the appropriate Class. It is the owners responsibility to fill out
the dash document and put on the dash of your car for Judging. See the Chief Judge to get the

All cars will be judged on a 200 point system. 10 bonus points are available (only used to break ties).

4 general areas of the car will be scored, based on overall condition, cleanliness, presentation AND
originality in the stock classes.

Exterior 60 possible points

Interior 60 possible points

Engine compartment 60 possible points

Undercarriage 20 possible points

Bonus points for documentation* 10 possible points

*Samples of documentation are: Items specific to your car; manuals, original glove box documents,
Dealer invoice, build sheet, etc.. Ownership history and/or other interesting/informational things
displayed with the car.

We would like to have you by your car when we judge it. We do this so we can have you open the
doors and trunk areas for complete overall judging. If you are OK with the judges doing this
without your presence, please mark the dash document accordingly.

Basic rules for the Judges.
-Do not touch the cars unless the owner has given consent on the dash sheet.
-Do not consider the owner as the areas are judged. We are judging the CAR.
-Do not consider information the owner wants to tell you. We are judging the CAR.
-If we have multiple Judges, the same Judges will score every car in a given Class.
-We will strive to have two Judges per car to ensure objectivity.
-Judges will NOT judge a Class that their car/cars are in.



Up to 10 bonus points may be awarded for five original type Goodyear BR70-13 Custom Steel Gard Radial
Wide Tread tires in "as new" condition. Points will be prorated on the basis of tread wear and overall condition.
Tires that are worn to the wear bars or are otherwise considered to be unserviceable due to deterioration will not
be eligible for bonus points.

For unrestored classes only, one point per 10,000 miles of odometer reading shall be awarded. The maximum
award is 10 points for odometers reading over 100,000 miles. Odometer readings that have been tampered or
are believed to be non-authentic shall not receive bonus points.

For vehicles driven to the event under their own power, one bonus point per 100 one-way miles distance from
the vehicles normal domicile shall be awarded up to a maximum of 10 points. Judges may adjust claimed mile-
age based upon road atlas mileage for a convenient and direct route.

Up to 10 bonus points shall be awarded for historical documentation. Historical documentation includes window stickers, broadcast sheets, original sale, sales and financing contracts, registration certificates, maintenance
and repair records, pictures conveying historical information, and other records that document the vehicle's history. The material must be presented in an organized and attractive, easy to read format such as ring binders and bound file folders. Loose documents in envelopes and folders are not acceptable and will not be evaluated for bonus points. The material shall be placed in the luggage compartment and the entrant must allow the judges to handle the material for review. Plastic protector sheets for delicate documents are highly recommended.



Scoring is based on a point deduction system from a 200 point "perfect score" plus bonus points. Judges will
use the most current Scoresheet and the following scoring guidelines:

1. Minor discrepancy (1/2 to 1 point). Examples:
  a. Missing or incorrect fastener, retainer, or clip
  b. Minor paint flaw or body flaw noticeable on close inspection

2. Significant discrepancy (2 to 4 points) Examples
  a  Improperly routed harness or line
  b. Improper replacement component, or minor part missing
  c. Paint or body flaw noticeable on a "walk around inspection"

3. Major discrepancy (5 or more points) Examples:
  a. Significant missing part
  b. Significant body damage or paint flaw noticeable from a distance
  c. Any discrepancy that creates a potentially unsafe or unreliable condition

Judges shall determine the recommended deductions and bonuses, but will not tabulate the score. Upon comple-
tion of all judging, the judges or designated representatives shall tabulate the scores by subtracting deduction
points and adding bonus points. As a minimum, one person shall tabulate the score, and a second person shall
thoroughly check the work of the first. Both the tabulator and checker shall initial the Scoresheet.

Entrants shall receive their Scoresheet after the presentation of awards. Entry Forms for all officially judged entries shall be maintained indefinitely by the Club Registrar. Entry Forms and Scoresheets for unofficially judges vehicles
shall be returned to the member.



First, second, and third place class awards shall be granted, so long as there are at least three entries in the class.
Entrant, dash number (or other description for entries other than Cosworth Vegas), and score should be published in Cosworth Vega Magazine




Within thirty days of a national concours, the Chief Judge shall submit a report to the Executive Committee with any recommendations for changing or amending the Concours Guidelines. This report will be published in the next issue of Cosworth Vega Magazine. After allowing a reasonable amount of time for member comments, the Executive Committee shall vote on the recommendations or refer them to the Directors for vote by mail. It is also highly recommended that the Chief Judge write an article for the Magazine citing common deductions and suggested  corrective action.

CVOA Concours Entry Form


Grand total score:________
Class placement:_________
Entrant name:___________________________________ Model year: __________ Dash no.: _________
Address: ______________________________________ VIN: ________________ Build date:_________
City/state/zip: ___________________________________ Paint code:__________ Trim code:_____________
Phone:_________________________________________ Tonawanda eng. no.:_______ EFI sys. no.:_______
Original selling dealer/location/date:____________________________________Acquried new or used:______
Requested class:
1. Unrestored___ 2. Modified unrestored___ 3. Restored___ 4. Modified restored___
5. Custom (cosmetics and Webers) ____ 6. Unlimited (Cosworth powered vehicles)___
One way miles entry is driven to event under its own power: _______Odometer reading at event: __________
Year/make/model (Unlimited class only): ________________________________________________________
Factory installed options:
___ AK1 Color keyed seatbelts ___ G80 Positraction axle ___ U63 AM radio
___ A01 Tinted glass ___ JBB2 Cloth seats ___ U69 AM/FM radio
___ A20 Swing-out windows ___ M75 5-speed transmission ___ U76 Windshield antenna
___ B37 Color keyed floormats ___ UA1 Heavy duty battery ___ U80 Rear speaker
___ B39 Door edge guards ___ UM1 8-track tape w/AM radio ___ VBB2 Vinyl seats
___ CF4 SkyTrends sunroof ___ UM2 8-trk. tape w/AM/FM st. ___ YF5 California emissions
___ C49 Rear window defogger ___ U58/U27 AM/FM stereo radio ___ ZJ9 Auxiliary lighting
Chevrolet accessories, dealer installed or aftermarket radio/tape/speaker equipment:
Modification(s): Reason(s):
1. _____________________________________________________________ ________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________ ________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________ ________________________
4. _____________________________________________________________ ________________________
5. _____________________________________________________________ ________________________
6. _____________________________________________________________ ________________________
Ownership history, Name: Location(s): Dates:
1._________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________
2. ________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________
3. ________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________
Signature of entrant:_________________________________________________________ Date:___________

Concours Rules