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Firethorn Metailic 36

CVOA Judge Training Seminar Outline


The Chief Judge will hold a short meeting with all of the Judges to go over the basic rules, score sheet AND Training Seminar Outline.  We will attempt to have this meeting before the Roundup, if this cannot be accomplished beforehand the meeting/seminar will be held at the Roundup.  We expect this meeting to last from 15-30 minutes.  Below is the outline that will be followed.


We are judging the “CAR”.  Do not let side conversations sway your scoring of the areas of the car (score sheet specifics).

Keep these four key items in mind when judging specific areas; originality (in stock Classes), overall condition, cleanliness and presentation.

Pay special attention in the stock classes to look for AND judge stock items, and  parts (examples include EFI components, misc electrical connectors and fasteners).

Judging is, by nature, subjective...  We all have our perspective AND that is OK.  Judges will judge an entire Class, so subjectivity will go throughout the class (because the same judges judge the entire Class).

Be “Fair”.  Judge all the cars in the Class under the same criteria and fairness across the board.

Judge what you can see.  If you cannot see it, it must get a full deduction for that specific area. Give examples; like hood down, door closed OR hatch/trunk shut.

Deductions can be made down to .5 point increments.

Discuss “Documentation bonus scoring”.  This is not based on quantity, but quality.


Being a Judge is a great way for our members to get more involved in the Concours event and will also help educate them on how most quality Car Shows are judged.  Members can use this knowledge to help them compete better at their local Car Shows.



Class #1-  Stock CV (restored and unrestored)

Class #2-  Modified CV (restored and unrestored)

Class #3-  Custom CV

Class #4-  H-Body Stock (restored and unrestored)

Class #5-  H-Body modified


Class definitions/examples.  This is not all inclusive, the Chief Judge has the ultimate authority/responsibility to assign the cars to the appropriate Class.


Stock CV (restored and unrestored)- Self explanatory.

Modified CV (restored and unrestored)- These cars must retain EFI setup.  Examples of modifications are paint, stripes, wheels, interior modifications and so on.

Custom CV- Any H-Body that is Cosworth powered (block and head), Cosworth powered with fuel system other than GM EFI.

H-Body Stock (restored and unrestored)- All other H-Body models in stock configuration

H-Body Modified- any other H-Body that does not fit into another Class.  All CV VIN cars with V8s go here


The Chief Judge will assign your car to the appropriate Class.  It is the owners responsibility to fill out the document and put on the dash of your car for Judging.  See the Chief Judge to get the document.


All cars will be judged on a 200 point system.  10 bonus points are available (only used to break ties).  4 general areas of the car will be scored, based on overall condition, cleanliness, presentation AND originality in the stock classes. 


Exterior                        60 possible points

Interior                         60 possible points

Engine compartment 60 possible points

Undercarriage             20 possible points

Bonus points for documentation* 10 possible points


*Samples of documentation are:  Items specific to your car; manuals, original glove box documents, Dealer invoice, build sheet, etc..  Ownership history and/or other interesting/informational things displayed with the car.


We would like to have you by your car when we judge it.  We do this so we can have you open the doors and trunk areas for complete overall judging.  If you are OK with the judges doing this without your presence, please mark the dash document accordingly.


Basic rules for the Judges.

-Do not touch the cars unless the owner has given consent on the dash sheet.

-Do not consider the owner as the areas are judged.  We are judging the CAR.

-Do not consider information the owner wants to tell you.  We are judging the CAR.

-If we have multiple Judges, the same Judges will score every car in a given Class.

-We will strive to have two Judges per car to ensure objectivity. 

-Judges will NOT judge a Class that their car/cars are in.

CVOA Concours Score Sheet

CVOA National Roundup Concours Rules

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