CVOA  Member Merchandise - JD Smith

Unlike the door edge molding sold at Auto Zone which is only 6mm wide (less than 1/4"),  this is same size as OEM ( 7/16" wide ). 

Note:  I have been selling this as a service to CVOA members for 15+ years.  From time to time buyers have complained that the finish is cracked and I promptly replaced them.  I suspect that this is from being put in a tight coil and sent via priority mail, which is in the bay of a cargo jet.  At 30K feet I am sure this gets extremely cold, then when uncoiled it cracks.  To help alleviate this issue I am now shipping via USPS Parcel Select, which is via truck (ground) in a 17" diameter "pizza" style box.  If you have a set that you ordered within the last couple of years that is cracked, let me know and I will replace at no charge.


Ships USPS Parcel Select - $10.00