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Sep 10, 2018
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Hello all those in the CVOA. This is your new Merchandise Director, Shawn Parsons, located in the middle of Oklahoma ready to fill your parts request. Just a few tips to make your transaction go a lot easier. First, use this website to order your parts carried by the Club. Those orders come directly to me and I can see and fill them. Use PayPal to pay for your order. That way the order comes pre-paid and I can fill them. If you send me a check in the mail, I have to further mail it off the our Treasurer for him to cash. Once the check clears, then he informs me that the order can be sent off. This results in a delay waiting on slow mail to get to all the parties involved. If I'm not on the road somewhere, I usually fill and send off orders in about 2-3 days from receipt. I usually send the order by USPS and I will send you an email as to when I filled and sent the order along with a tracking number. The website will also send you a notice that the order has been fulfilled and the tracking number of the shipment. So far, most orders have not been a problem. I have had to order some parts to replenish stock and thought that it would delay an order, but it has not. The only problem encountered so far is shipping hood pads. Most shippers have revised their sizes and prices for shipping oversized items. The hood pads fit that description. Even though it weighs only 10 lbs to ship (most of that being packing material), the dimensions of the box makes it oversize. This results in an oversize fee that ends up wiping out any profit for the club. So if you order a hood pad, I will be contacting you to discuss shipping. So far I have been merchandise director for just under 2 months, and have filled 10 orders for parts. This is a busy position. I am happy to do it and love the interaction I have with many members of the Association. Make me a busy person and keep those orders coming. Shawn Parsons


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