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gary wachowiak
May 24, 2022
In Website Discussion
Wrote a nice long introduction post but when I went to publish it , it would ask to pick category . I would go to drop down tab and wanted to post in the general section but nothing happens when I click on it, or any other category for that matter. Am I doing something wrong? Below is what I wanted to post. Best Regards, Gary Wachowiak Hi Everyone, As title suggest I purchased the White Cosworth 2973 from a gentleman in South Florida. I'm in St, Petersburg so was a nice little drive to pick up. I don't know if there is a record for the length of time between memberships, but I was a member way back in the day, 1997 actually. So on a whim I decided to contact the previous owner to see if he still had it for sale as the adds for it were a couple of months old. Part of what made me interested in the car is that I was able to see the pictures of it in the registry on this site and was pretty confident it was as the seller described. Its amazing how much of the information from back in the day I remembered so it was a breeze to break the car down quickly with a good look over. Having has 3 Cosworths at one time back in 97 , a 75 that had the Hutton weber conversion that became a parts car, a 76 Firethorn that also became parts , and a 76 black on black 5 speed that I did a ground up restoration with the only thing left to do was re-install the drive train , but had lost interest in it and sold the whole kitten kabuttle . Don't know if it ever got finished. I'll try and dig up any pictures and see if I can see the dash numbers and report them in the registry. The only solid thing I have is the dash vin tag for the 75 which is 1V77E 5U218675. I'll post updates on 2973 as I can, but the plan is to strip it down and do lots of detail work and fix all the little things that are out of place ( like the stripe package) with a full repaint due to some previous paint work that doesn't match. Stay tuned, this will be a long project but should be good as new when done! Gary Wachowiak #2973