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Samuel Challandes
May 05, 2020
In General Discussion
I've been doing a little bit of research on the engine that resides in our CVs and I've found some interesting information that I would like to run by the Association to see if I've got it right. Please correct me if anything I say is inaccurate. So in the late 60s Chevrolet and Cosworth collaborated to put together a racing engine. Cosworth dubbed this the EA project. It was a 1995cc, 4 cylinder that produce around 260hp. The block was provided by Chevrolet and the head was built by Cosworth. The engine blocks experienced repeated failure and Cosworth decided to drop the project. Chevrolet were ready to provide them with more robust blocks but Cosworth had already moved on. Now this is where it gets a little bit fuzzy for me. Chevrolet decided to put this EA engine into their Vegas in order to try and get more people excited about these cars, and the engine was dubbed EAA. They severely down-tuned the engine and added a Bendix EFI system. That is essentially our engine. My primary question is this: is the block for the EAA engine (in the CV) reinforced as opposed to that of the original EA engine? I've read that the brass at Chevrolet were not willing to shell out the money to get new tooling and produce more robust blocks. But I also see terms like "heavy duty blocks" being thrown around a lot when it comes to the CV engine. I've also heard that the "reinforced EAA blocks" were used on EA engines instead of using, for example, reinforcing plates?

Samuel Challandes

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