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Dark Blue Metallic 35

Body Stripes

Body Side Stripes

1975 Hood

Fender Wells

1976 Hood

1975 Rear

1976 Rear

Visual cues identify the Cosworth Vega immediately.  The gold beltline stripes running the length of the body, the curved double stripes over the fender wells, the curved "V" accenting the hood bulge, and the rounded rectangular stripes at the rear, all make the statement:  Cosworth Vega.  Lest there be any doubt, "Cosworth Twin Cam" decals on the front fenders and on the tail panel convery the message. 

Distinctive on the factory's shiny black lacquer, the gold stripes appear more subdued on some of the Cosworths of Color manufactured later in the 1976 model year.

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