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Mahogany Metallic 37

Electron Fuel Injection Field Guide

The Electronic Control Unit is contained in a sealed aluminum housing which is located above the glove box within the passenger compartment.

Air Induction

The sensors are electrically connected to the Electronic Control Unit and all operate independent of each other.

Each sensor transmits a signal to the ECU, relating a specific engine operating condition.

The ECU analyzes all the signals and transmits the appropriate timed commands to the injection valves.

The air-handling subsystem consists of the throttle body, intake manifold, fast idle valve, and air solenoid valve. 

Air required for combustion, enters the throttle body and is distributed to each cylinder through the intake manifold. The throttle valves within the throttle body, which control the primary air flow, are actuated by linkage connected to the accelerator.

Fuel is supplied to the cylinders through the injection valves which are mounted on top of the intake manifold.

Fuel is supplied to the injectors through a combination of a low pressure intank pump and a high pressure external mounted fuel pump.

Fuel pressure is controlled by a firewall mounted fuel pressure regulator.

Fuel filtration is accomplished by a frame mounted replaceable filter.

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