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 Dark Blue Metallic 35

The lug nuts were changed and the wheels were sized differently to accommodate the larger lug nuts in 1976.  If you look closely you will notice that the center of the 75 have a dimple while the 76 do not.

What are the differences between the

1975 and 1976 Cosworth Vegas?



The front grill, headlamp buckets, and headlight bezels were metal in 75 and plastic in 76. The 75 used a clear front turn signal lens with an orange bulb while the different style 76 used an orange lens with a white bulb. 

The 1975 taillights consisted of brake/tail light with integrated backup light.  In 1976 the lights are larger incorporating the amber turn signals.   In 1975 the rear body stripe wrapped completely around the taillights,  while in 1976 they simply ran between them at top and bottom.

The 1975 wheels had slightly smaller lug nut holes.  The center of the lugnut for a 75 has a black insert while the 76 does not.  It has been said the best way to tell which year a wheel is, if a dime will drop thru the hole then the wheel is a 1976

For 1976 the front " Vega" emblem was changed and relocated from lower right to front center.  The rear "Vega" Emblem has different mounting stud dimensions.

Mechanical Differences

In 1975 the brakes were the same as a regular Vega.  For 1976 they were changed to larger and better (Monza??)

The 1975 shares the same floor pas as the 1975 Monza.  The biggest difference between the two years, besides larger (and better) rear brakes, is the 76 floor pan has a larger wider transmission tunnel. Some other items are softer springs, raised ride height (1"), relocated panhard bar with the ability to adjust the panhard bar, and bolt in shifter plates (which make it a snap to change from a 4-speed to a 5-speed or automatic).

The springs and ride height are unique to the Cosworth Vega.  In 1976 the springs were changed to a softer ride and 1" higher ride.

In 1975 the panhard bar was mounted in front of the rear axle and was not adjustable.  For 1976 the panhard bar mounting bracket was welded behind the rear axle and made adjustable.


The clutch cable assembly used a pulley system in 1975.  In 1976 it did not use  a pulley.


The 1975 only offered a four speed transmission.  In 1976 a five speed was also available.  In regard to the 1976 transmission tunnel, one should note that the shifter hole is further toward the rear of the vehicle if a 5-speed is installed. To swap from a 4-speed to a 5-speed or vise-versa will require cutting the floorpan for shifter access.

The rear axle for 1975 offered only a 3.73 with or without positraction option.  In 1976 a 4.10 ratio with or without positraction was offered.

On the 1975. the coolant sensor was located below the EFI throttle body.  They relocated it below the thermostat housing for the 1976.

The windshield wipers on the 1975 was a twin wire design. In 1976 this was changed to a single bar style.

The seat fabric changed from the perforated vinyl in 75 to a solid vinyl in 76.

The lower rear seat was a one piece in 75 and a 2 piece in 76, with a longer carpet to cover the trans tunnel between the rear seats


In 1975 the tail pipe was a two piece design.  For 1976 this was changed to a single piece.



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