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The CVOA Hall of Fame Award


For almost 40 years, the Cosworth Vega Owners Association has been in existence in one form or another. From its initial creation, and even before, there are significant individuals that have contributed to the Creation of the Cosworth  Vega name plate, and the perseverance and vision to create and evolve an organization dedicated to the preservation of that nameplate. The CVOA Hall of Fame has been created to Honor these people who have in one form or another significantly contributed to the Cosworth Vega and the


Cosworth Vega Owners Association in one form or another.

The committee to choose the yearly honorees will be comprised of individuals chosen by the CVOA President, and the names of those inducted will be honored at the CVOA National Roundup. The Charter Members of the CVOA Hall of Fame class will consist of 9 honorees. Each year following 1-2 deserving individuals will be chosen.

Hall of Fame Members




Robert A Maloy Award Winners

“ In recognition of dedication to the Cosworth Vega and the relentless support of the ideals and goals of the                                                              Cosworth Vega Owners’ Association “

1992- Steve Mayefske

1993- Mark Rock

1994- Lou and Harriett Marr

1995- Mike and Susan Rupert

1996- Duke Williams

1997- Bob Chin

1998- Clark Kirby

1999- Doug Perkins

2000- Tim Morgan

2007- Brian Harpst

2008- Jerry Smith and Mark Rock

2009- Jim Rigg

2010- Dale Malin

2011- Jack Middleton

2012- John F. Cowall

2013- Dick Baumhauer

2014- Chris Wheaton

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